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Creative Arts Therapies are evidence-based health professions including: Art Therapy, Dance & Movement Therapy, Drama Therapy, Music Therapy and Poetry or Bibliotherapy. 


Creative Arts Therapies is an umbrella term for the healthcare professions that use creative and expressive processes to improve and enhance the psychological and social well-being of individuals of all ages and health conditions.


Creative Arts Therapies can be used in a variety of settings including: one-to-one with client and therapist, among clients in a group, or systemically in couples and family therapy.


The treatment process engages the mind, body and spirit. Externalisation of the struggle in a creative space might involve verbal and non-verbal symbolisation, metaphor, narration, embodiment and expression of conscious or unconscious conflicts. 

The facilitation of a creative treatment provides a means of self-expression, positive engagement and communication. The client gains perspective resulting in improved self-esteem, social skills and social bonding as well as lowered symptoms of trauma. 


creative art therapy

creative arts therapy

art therapy

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creative arts therapies

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